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School Council

How are pupils chosen for the School Forum and the School Council in Kilkeel High School?

In September, each Form Class elects two Forum representatives who bring issues from their Form Class to the Year Forum.

In October and November, the Year Forums meet to elect two Council representatives who represent the views of the Year Group on the School Council. At this meeting, the Year Forums also discuss any issues that they would like to bring to the School Council.

When does the School Council meet?

The School Council meets twice a year. Meetings are chaired by the Head Boy and the Head Girl and two members of Senior Leadership Team lead this meeting. After the meeting, issues and requests are brought to the Senior Leadership Team for consideration.

What kinds of issues are brought to the School Council?

A range of issues will be discussed – from food on sale in the Tuck Shop through to uniform to ideas for Charity Fund-raising Events. The issues come from the pupils, not from the staff or Senior Leadership Team.

Does anything change as a result of the School Council?

Sometimes! The School Council was partly responsible for the introduction of trousers for girls in the winter. It also was responsible for the sale of flavoured water in the drinks’ machine. At the last meeting, the Council suggested that the canteen snack stand should move to the Assembly Hall at lunchtime and this suggestion was immediately accepted by the Senior Leadership team. Sometimes things cannot be changed and, through discussion at the School Council, pupils have more information as to why things cannot be changed. It also promotes better understanding between the different year groups, as pupils discover the reasons behind certain decisions.

How do pupils know what has been decided at the School Council?

The Council Representatives must share information about the meeting with their Year Group.

Overall, the aim of the School Council is to encourage all our pupils to have their say in the running of the school and to have a greater understanding of how our school is organised. It is a privilege to represent your Form class or Year Group, but it is also a responsibility!