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Religious Studies


Religious Studies at KHS will help deepen your knowledge and understanding of religious belief from around the world. Our hope and desire is that when students arrive with us in Year 8, they embark on a journey into Spirituality. We want our students to begin to ask themselves questions like, “What do I believe?” and “Why do I believe it?”  Having said that, as our school is based on Christian principles and the majority of the Core Syllabus for Religious Education is Christianity, the majority of our time and study will be spent within the Christian faith.

Students are therefore encouraged to look closely at themselves in order to establish what it is that they believe and how this is relevant locally here in in Kilkeel and Mourne, nationally in UK/Ireland and internationally all around the world.


Mrs. C. Crutchley

Mrs. M. Annett

Mr. V. Coert

Mrs. S.J. Henning

Mrs. J. McGregor


The Religious Studies Department of Kilkeel High School exists to enable students to engage with and explore religion, particularly Christianity, so that they may develop and deepen their own sense of Spirituality, appreciate and understand other beliefs and viewpoints and work towards academic excellence at Key Stage 3, 4 and 5.


We are confident that we offer our students a broad, engaging, relevant and challenging Religious Studies curriculum throughout all years in Kilkeel High School. Much thought, effort and work has gone in to ensuring that the content of resources as well of the quality of learning and teaching within the classroom is of the highest standard. As stated in our Vision and Core Values, we strive for Academic Excellence and we understand that if the student’s receive “excellence” from the front of the classroom, this will more than likely inspire them to excellence in their own individual work.

Below is a summary of the content of work covered in each Year Group:

YEAR 8                             

  • An Introduction to World Religions                           
  • The Background to the Bible                                     
  • An Overview of the Bible – Part 1


  • An Overview of the Bible – Part 2
  • Christian Persecution
  • World Religion – Judaism

YEAR 10                                                                                  

  • Life’s Big Questions 
  • World Religion – Islam
  • Relationships and Sexuality Education


GCSE Religious Studies

Religious Studies subject description at GCSE level.


AS / A Level Religious Studies

Religious Studies subject description at AS / A Level.


Every year, pupils in Year 14 get the opportunity to go to Rome on an educational visit. This helps to ‘bring alive’ the A-Level course for RS. We spend time visiting the colosseum and thinking about how it would have felt to be a Christian living during this time. We also visit the catacombs where it is believed that many persecuted Christians are buried. We spend a day travelling down to an active volcano for the Geography students who join with us! And get to visit the city of Pompeii which was destroyed by the volcano. As well as all the learning, there is plenty of time to soak up the sunshine, spend time on the via del Corso and of course we take some time sampling the local gelato! A trip not to be missed!!