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This subject is studied within years 11 and 12. The CCEA GCSE Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies specification prepares students to become responsible road users. It develops their interest in and appreciation of the motor vehicle. Students develop knowledge of the Highway Code. They learn about driving at night and under adverse conditions, as well as the causes and prevention of road traffic collisions. They carry out a practical riding activity on a moped and investigate a real-life traffic situation. They discover road users’ responsibilities and legal requirements. They explore motor vehicle and road user theory.


Mr. M. Pobloth

Mr. A. Crutchley


This specification aims to encourage students to:

  • Develop interest in and appreciation of the motor vehicle;
  • Develop understanding of the legal liabilities of being a road user;
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the responsibilities of vehicle ownership;
  • Develop a positive and understanding attitude to the use of the road and to other road users;
  • Develop awareness of the interaction between the road user, the environment and the vehicle; 
  • Develop respect for the safety of road users;
  • Learn to act decisively and positively at the scene of a road traffic collision;
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills needed for the use of a powered vehicle;
  • Develop understanding of the mathematical, scientific and technological principles of motor vehicles;
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of routine vehicle maintenance; and
  • Acquire a range of practical and communication skills appropriate to the subject.


GCSE Motor Vehicle & Road Usage

Motor Vehicle & Road Usage subject description at GCSE level.


Given the current restrictions during the Covid pandemic, your son/daughter is required to bring his/her own helmet to participate in practical moped riding classes. It remains in the parental responsibility to assure that the helmet used by the pupil complies with safety standards suitable for moped riding.