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Performing Arts encompasses drama, dance, music and any genre that involves performing to an audience. Participating in performing arts, whether as a performer or in the more technical production aspects, will develop your self-confidence, self-awareness, personal discipline and creativity. Performing Arts is a collaborative discipline, involving teamwork and self-management. Employers look for these qualities in prospective employees.

Performing Arts is a growth industry in Northern Ireland. This qualification will give you opportunities to:

  • research and gain insight into the industry;
  • engage with effective practice; and
  • prepare for employment, further training and/or study


Mr. A. Kincaid

Ms. Z. Holmes


This specification aims to encourage students to develop knowledge and understanding of:

  • the techniques and approaches required in one or more performing arts areas of study;
  • working methods linked to industry practice;
  • how their own skills and aptitudes could be best employed in further study and/or work within related sectors;
  • the breadth of the sector through exploring its products and processes;
  • the outcomes of industry practice in terms of people, products, services and contexts; and
  • social, cultural and historical influences


AS / A Level Performing Arts

Performing Arts subject description for AS / A Level.