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We in Kilkeel High School have a responsibility for the care, welfare and safety of the children in our care and we will carry out this duty by providing a caring, supportive and safe environment, where each child is valued for his or her unique talents and abilities, and in which all our young people can learn and develop to their full potential.  All staff, teaching and non-teaching should be alert to the signs of possible abuse and should know the procedures to be followed.  Our policy sets out guidance on the action which is required where abuse or neglect of a child is suspected and outlines the referral procedures within our school.

Our Safeguarding policy (updated 2018) is available for download via our Parents’ Section.

Kilkeel High School’s Child Protection Teacher is Mrs. McAtee. If Mrs. McAtee is not available, the deputy Child Protection Teachers are Mr Coert and Ms Reilly.


Mr. V. Coert

Ms. R. Reilly

Mrs. C. McAtee


Mrs. S. McAlinden

Mrs. A. Campbell

Mr. A. Leonard

Mr. M. Annett

Miss. R. Taylor


Child Protection Policy 2021

Child Protection COVID Policy