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Year 9 Pupil of the Month

Well done to our year 9 pupils, who received ‘Pupil of the Month’ awards in this morning’s assembly.


Anastasya received an award for the great scores she achieved in her exams, for getting no poor behaviour points and for being a very friendly pupil.


Zoe received an award for her contribution in subjects, her positive attitude to learning and bringing a fun atmosphere to her class.


Aaron was rewarded for his good effort and behaviour in class all year.

Jack received an award for his fantastic exam results and for his continuous hard work and effort.

Josh was rewarded for his enthusiastic help whenever he can assist anyone.

Jack received an award for being a very kind and generous pupil and for being a good sports player for KHS.

Lily was rewarded for being kind, a good friend and for making an effort in class.

Both Jack and Lily were nominated by their form class, the other pupils were nominated by their form tutors.

Keep up the good work, everyone. Your hard work does not go unnoticed!