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Year 9 Pupil of the Month awards for October!

Well done to the Year 9 pupils who received Pupil of the Month awards for October!

Ruby Ray received an award for always being willing to lend a hand and for keeping her Form tutor right!  She is a member of the choir, and she did a fab job at the 70th Anniversary service.

Molly was rewarded for her achievement points in class, for displaying an excellent attitude to her schoolwork and for always being pleasant and friendly in class. She was also commended for joining an extra-curricular club (hockey) this year!

Leah received an award for working hard and for her outstanding behaviour in all classes. She was also recognised for being a very polite and helpful pupil.

Harry was recognised for accumulating 45 achievement points and for having no behaviour reports.

Paul received an award for his excellent behaviour in the church service at the 70th Anniversary service.

Ian was recognised for his good work and effort in class, being helpful on multiple occasions and or receiving 29 good behaviour points during October.

(Both Paul and Ian are missing from the photograph)

Well done, everyone! Keep up the good work.