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Year 9 Anti-bullying Week – ‘Reach out’

This week in PD, the year 9 pupils learned about the definition of bullying, the different types of bullying and were reminded of who they can reach out to in KHS, if they are experiencing bullying.

Pupils were given a number of online bullying scenarios to read and worked in groups to discuss ways of reaching out to recipients of this type of bullying. Pupils also designed a phone lock screen, to promote the importance of thinking before posting anything on the internet.

In year assembly, pupils were informed about a famous boxer who was bullied at school. Although physically tough and courageous, Joe Calzaghe still suffered the fear and anxiety of bullying. Pupils were made aware of the difference between mental and physical toughness and how everyone deep down needs to feel accepted, valued and liked.

The assembly concluded with a reminder of the golden rule found in the bible.

‘Do to others as you would have them do to you’ (Luke 6.31, NRSV).