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Year 14 R.S. Trip

On Monday, April 4th 2022, our year 14 Religious Studies students had the wonderful opportunity to see Professor Alister McGrath give a lecture on the topic, “Theology: Why it matters to the academy and the churches” at Queen’s University.


Prof McGrath is a fellow Ulsterman, with First Class Honours degrees in Science and Theology from Oxford University, and he is also an ordained minister. As a prolific theologian and defender of the faith, Alister McGrath features as a key figure of study in the A2 Religious Studies course, and his lecture arrived just as the sixth form students were learning about him!


The students got the opportunity to learn not only from Prof McGrath, but also about C.S. Lewis, who is also another key figure on their syllabus. Moreover, after a fantastic hour and half talk and discussion, the students asked for a photo with their new favourite religious thinker!