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Innovate 2121 Design Competiton

Six Year 10 pupils have been working hard alongside Mr. Leonard in the Technology department. They were selected to enter the Young Enterprise ‘Innovate 2121’ design competition. The competition required the pupils to work as a team to design a futuristic vehicle to be used 100 years from now.

Their team name is “Incomparable”. When presented with this challenge the group of Year 10’s came up with the idea of designing the “All-Terrain Automobile.” Pupils gave consideration to our area and thought it would be a fantastic idea to design an all-terrain, amphibious vehicle that could be used by the local search and rescue teams in the mountains and on the sea.

Their vehicle is entirely powered by renewable energy, wind, solar and tidal. Its wheels are designed to be all terrain so no where is out of reach. The vehicle can travel on land and water and would be an exceptional assist to all search and rescue team here in Kilkeel. The final design features a solar panel on the roof, as well as a large turbine at the back. Not wanting to waste potential energy the turbine at the back of the vehicle will generate an electrical current using the wind resistance created as the all-terrain automobile makes its journey.

The team feel that they have produced a streamline, eco-friendly, sustainable design that will no doubt be a great asset to our area. We will reveal the final design after the competition is over.

We wish them every success as they make their entry into this year’s competition. Well done!