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Kilkeel High School, Knockchree Avenue, Kilkeel

Millennium Volunteers

26th Jun 2019

Seven of our L6 students have gained their 50 hours’ Certificate through volunteering with the Southern Health and Social Care Trust. Maja, Roby, Lisa and Nikol attended a celebration event in the Canal Court last night, where they were presented with certificates to recognise their service in Slieve Roe and in Donard Daycare, plus their Millennium Volunteers’ certificates. Megan Russell, Chloe Martin and Sophie Mount have also volunteered all year and gained their certificates.

The programme has been co-ordinated by Donna Sloan from SH&SCT and we at Kilkeel High would like to thank Donna for her enthusiasm, energy and organisation.  We could not have achieved this without her input.

The girls who worked in Slieve Roe described it as being ‘full of WOW! Moments’. They learnt things about the residents and were challenged to view older people in a new light. Those who worked in Donard Daycare Centre  gained new insights into the difficulties of living with dementia. They also found it good for helping to cope with the stress of school work – it was good to take time out of a busy school week to think about something and someone completely different. All the girls would recommend this volunteer work to anyone who wants to do it next year.