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Kilkeel High School, Knockchree Avenue, Kilkeel

Students should be able to:

  1. Describe and apply the facts and concepts related to the design of an artifact or system.
  2. Demonstrate a range of communication skills.
  3. Identify problems, which can be solved through the technological process.
  4. Analyse problems, which they have identified, or which have been posed by others and produce appropriate specifications.
  5. Identify the resources needed to solve technological problems.
  6. Identify design constraints imposed by the availability of knowledge, resources and / or external factors.
  7. Collect and compile information, having identified the possible resources, and assess its relevance to the solving of a problem.
  8. Interpret and produce diagrams charts graphs and tables regarding data collection.
  9. Generate and record ideas as potential solutions and evaluate those solutions against predetermined criteria.
  10. Select and develop a solution to a technological problem taking into account the effects of time, cost, skill and availability of resources.
  11. Plan and implement the construction of the selected solution to a sufficiently high standard.
  12. Identify, suggest and carry - out modifications to a product or system both during implementation of the solution and after completion and evaluation.
  13. Compare and contrast the performance of a complete or semi-complete artifact or system against its original criteria, having carried out evaluation on a continuous basis through the development stages.
  14. Satisfy the mandatory and other necessary safety requirements throughout all stages of a project.
  15. Describe some major technological developments and comment on any link between modern technologies, the environment the economy and society as a whole.     

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