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Kilkeel High School, Knockchree Avenue, Kilkeel

Single Award Science

Science - Single Award (Modular)

This course does not provide adequate preparation for the study of Biology, Chemistry or Physics at ‘A’ level.

The subject content in this course is based on 3 modules and the separate areas of Biology, Chemistryand Physics can easily be identified.


Module 1 is Biology and the following topics will be studied:

Food, Health and Diet, Circulatory System, DNA, Genetics, Reproduction, Nervous System and Hormones, Variation, Human activity on Earth and Conservation.


Module 2 is Chemistry and it contains:

Acids and Bases, Indigestion and Foods, Earth Science, Landscapes, Elements and Compounds, Crude Oil, Materials and Uses, Hard Water, Recycling, Using Materials to Fight Crime.


Module 3, Physics, includes:

Electrical Circuits, Household Electricity, Waves, Sound, Light and Communications, Road Safety, Radiooactivity and Earth in Space.


Scheme of Assessment

Each of the modules is worth 25% and the Controlled Assessment is also worth 25%. The Controlled Assessment takes place in Year 12. There is no terminal examination paper.

The course is examined at Foundation level which permits grades G – C. Depending on the cohort, theHigher level may also be available allowing grades C – A*.


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