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Kilkeel High School, Knockchree Avenue, Kilkeel

Physics A level

PHYSICS ‘A’ and ‘AS’

The ‘A’ level Physics course is based on a modular examination system, with SIX modules in total.


The modules are taught in the following order:

‘AS 1’    Forces, Energy and Electricity

‘AS 2’    Waves, Photons and Medical Physics

‘AS 3’    Practical Techniques

‘A2 1’    Momentum, Thermal Physics, Circular Motion, Oscillations and Atomic and Nuclear Physics

‘A2 2’    Fields and their Applications

‘A2 3’    Practical Techniques

Three modules will be examined in the L6 year and the remaining Three in U6.

Physics is useful for many careers including optometry, forensic science, medical physics, nuclear science, biophysics, architecture, astrophysics, building and land surveying and all types of engineering (aeronautical, civil, electrical, marine, mechanical and structural). It is advisable to check the latest university course requirements.