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Kilkeel High School, Knockchree Avenue, Kilkeel

Key Stage 3 Science

Years 8, 9 and 10 follow a three year scheme of work based on a modular approach. In this way all classes will have a common core of knowledge and each person receives the same experiences. The depth of treatment given to each topic may differ from class to class as reflected in the abilities of the pupils. Junior Science classes have five or six periods of Science each week.

Key Stage 3 Science report marks in January and June are based on examinations (70%) and continuous assessment (30%).


Year 8 Units of Work

Becoming a Scientist

Materials and Matter


The Variety of Life


Acids and Alkalis

Growing Up


Year 9 Units of Work

Electricity and Magnetism

Environment and Populations

Sight and Sound



Food and Digestion

Earth and Space

Staying Alive


Year 10 Units of Work

Circulatory System and First Aid (Biology)

Periodic Table of Elements (Chemistry)

Forces & Motion (Physics)

Microbes & Disease (Biology)

Chemical Reactions I (Chemistry)

Heat (Physics)

DNA & Genetics (Biology)

Chemical Reactions II (Chemistry)

Electricity (Physics)