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Kilkeel High School, Knockchree Avenue, Kilkeel


RS Vision Statement 

Preparation for Life… not just an Exam!

Main AIM 

RS at Kilkeel High exists to enhance the Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural development of the student inpreparation for this life and the next.

Every Child matters and is cared for in a loving community with moral values based on the Teachings of Jesus. 

In the RS Department we aim to –

  • Encourage our pupils to view life as a precious gift from God and to share and learn form each others experiences and enjoy life together to the full.
  • Provide our pupils with the opportunity to reach their full potential, intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We do this by the promotion of a high standard of achievement through a well-balanced, structured and challenging up-to-date and relevant RE curriculum.
  • Cultivate appropriate self esteem based on a biblical view of the identity of Jesus which enables pupils and staff to develop appropriate confidence and act with initiative, encouraging positive sacrificial loving attitudes, consideration and respect towards themselves, their peers, staff and God.
  • Assist our students to become highly motivated lifelong learners with skills to think beyond their own needs and to the needs of others. We encourage them to meet the needs of a rapidly changing worldboth locally and globally and that their deeds both good and bad, matter.
  • The RS department aims to play its part to ensure that Kilkeel High School is an orderly, well disciplined, caring and loving community, in which consideration for others, courtesy and good manners are expected as normal with our students having a positive attitude towards discipline, behaviour and authority both human and divine.