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Student Comments

Read what some of our Psychology students have said about the subject:

AS Psychology

"It's so interesting.  It's the one subject I come home from and say to my family 'Guess what!' or 'Did you know...?'.  It introduces you to a set of skills that are so essential and useful in countless jobs."

"Psychology is really interesting!  I chose it because it sounded like something I would enjoy and I do!"

"I picked Psychology because it looked really interesting and it's now my favourite class."

"I've really enjoyed the classes so far and I've learned a lot of interesting things." - Rebecca P

"I definitely enjoy it and I certainly recommend it." - Rebecca D

"Psychology is really interesting.  There is a lot to remember but it's not boring to learn.  It's good because it can help you read people better and understand why people do certain things."

"I have really enjoyed learning about attachment." - Tanya M

"I found it hard to choose subjects.  I'm glad I made what I now see as the right choice to do Psychology" - Robert B

"I picked Psychology because I wanted to study something new.  I find it very interesting."

"Psychology is more than just learning - it's learning and application to your own life.  That's why it's so interesting!"

"I chose Psychology because it sounded really interesting.  I'm really glad I did because it's challenging and I really enjoy it."


A2 Psychology

"Psychology is a very interesting subject as it has allowed me to gain a better understanding of how my brain works." - Donna P

"I would strongly advise it as an AS/A2 Level choice."

"Psychology is the most interesting subject I've done.  It's helped me understand so much about my life and why other people behave the way they do." - Hannah B

"Not only do you learn something new everyday but you actually like what you learn!"

"I have especially enjoyed learning more about schizophrenia." - Shannon N

"Definitely my favourite subject!" - Philip F

"It has taught me a lot about myself"

"I really enjoy coming to class and increasing my knowledge of this science."

"By studying Psychology, I have started applying what I know to daily life and analysing situations.  I really enjoy it."