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Kilkeel High School, Knockchree Avenue, Kilkeel


GCSE Physical Education (exam board: AQA) for Last class sitting exam in 2017

All students undertake studies in the following areas:

  • Knowledge and Understanding for the Active Participant 

Written Paper – 1 hour 30 mins (worth 40% of the final grade)

  • The Active Participant

Controlled Assessment (worth 60% of the final grade)

Students will be assessed in four practical activities. For assessment purposes students can adopt the following roles:

  • Player/Performer

developing the ability to make effective plans to improve performance

  • Organiser

bringing together all the main ingredients at the right time, in the right place, in order to maximise promotion, participation and high quality performance

  • Leader/Coach

an important influence on individuals or groups towards set goals, or on behaviour in sport

a specialist in an activity, responsible for preparing a performer in skill acquisition, correct technique, correct physical state or correct mental state

  • Choreographer

the designer or arranger of a ballet or other staged dance/performance

  • Official

someone who controls the activity; interprets the rules, laws or regulations of the activity including checking the equipment

[Students must be assessed in the role performer/player in at least two different activities]

Practical Activities

The practical sessions of this course focus on the following practical activities:

Field Hockey / Association Football / Basketball Track and Field Athletics / Orienteering

[Most other sporting activities are also available for assessment provided the students supply video footage of their performance.] (see AQA specification for a list of available acitivities)