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Kilkeel High School, Knockchree Avenue, Kilkeel

Key Stage 3

All students in Key Stage 3 receive music lessons in school. It is an opportunity to devlop many of the key music skills required to study music at a higher level, but also provides numerous opportunities to develop many other life skills as well.

At key stage 3 their is an emphasis on the skills of Listening, Composing, Performing, Improvising and Appraising.


The Northern Ireland curriculum for music states that young people should develop their musical potential by having opportunities to:

Improvise, compose and perform music in a range of styles;

Explore and combine the elements of music (pitch, rhythm, dynamics, timbre, texture) to create structure and style when improvising and composing;

Perform individually and in groups, and discuss and decide on points of interpretation in the music;

Use existing and emerging music technology resources as a tool for exploring and experimenting with different approaches to composing and performing;

Listen to and appraise their own music and that of others;

Listen to a wide range of music from different styles and genres and respond critically to what they hear;

Explore how the skills they learn through music-making are relevant to their present and future lives;

Develop an awareness of the range of employment opportunities in the music and music-related industires.

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