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Careers Oportunities

The outlook is very positive indeed for students who learn modern foreign languages. Employment rates after languages degrees are amongst the very highest. Employers particularly welcome graduates with good communication skills and who can offer one or more modern foreign languages.

Languages graduates may get involved in education or translating/interpreting, but it is much more likely that they would work in commerce or industry using languages as an ancillary skill.

Languages are an invaluable skill to have. Having a language can increase your salary from 8 to 20% and gives you a head start on other potential employees as by speaking another language you’re vital to any company who does international business (and there’s a lot of them). Plus, a language is also a pre-requisite for lots of university courses so it’s something to consider if you’re thinking about further study in the future. Languages are the key to the new, exciting multinational world we live in; so don’t miss out.

Have a look at the clip on this web-site for some more ideas as to the career opportunities open to language students.

Pupils who have continued to study languages at university include:

Ben Harris (Spanish and French at QUB)

Emma Hanna (Spanish and French at QUB)

Kara McKee (Spanish and Business at Stirling University)