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Kilkeel High School, Knockchree Avenue, Kilkeel

GCSE Additional Mathematics



GCSE Further Mathematics replaces Additional Mathematics and retains much of the same content. Further Mathematics involves studying mathematics at a level beyond GCSE Higher Tier. It can act as a stepping stone that gives you a sound basis for studying GCE Mathematics, introducing some of the mechanics and statistics topics that appear at AS/A2 level.

This course offers opportunities to build on the skills and capabilities developed

through the delivery of the Key Stage 3 curriculum in Northern Ireland.

  • It caters for students who require knowledge of mathematics beyond GCSE Higher Tier Mathematics and who are capable of working beyond the limits of the GCSE Mathematics specification.
  • It is designed to broaden the experience of students whose mathematical ability is above average and who:

- will follow mathematical courses at AS/A Level;

       - will follow other courses at AS/A Level that require mathematics beyond GCSE

                 Higher Tier; or would like to extend their knowledge of mathematics.

  • Further Mathematics can also help you progress to other studies that require mathematical knowledge and skills, for example higher level science, geography, technology or business.

о   The scheme of assessment comprises of three written papers.

о   The grades available are A* - G.

Examination Board

о   CCEA




Paper 1:

Pure Mathematics

In this unit, students investigate algebra, trigonometry, differentiation, integration, logarithms, matrices and quadratic inequalities.

о   External examination set and marked by CCEA

о   50% of final mark

Paper 2:


In this unit, students explore kinematics, vectors, forces, Newton’s Laws of Motion and moments.

о   External examination set and marked by CCEA

о   25% of final mark

Paper 3:


In this unit, students investigate central tendency and dispersion, probability, the binomial and normal distributions and bivariate analysis.

о   External examination set and marked by CCEA

о   25% of final mark