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Kilkeel High School, Knockchree Avenue, Kilkeel

GCSE Additional Mathematics

GCSE Further Mathematics replaces Additional Mathematics and retains much of the same content. Further Mathematics involves studying mathematics at a level beyond GCSE Higher Tier. It can act as a stepping stone that gives you a sound basis for studying GCE Mathematics, introducing some of the mechanics and statistics topics that appear at AS/A2 level.

This course offers opportunities to build on the skills and capabilities developed through the delivery of the Key Stage 3 curriculum in Northern Ireland.

  • It caters for students who require knowledge of mathematics beyond GCSE Higher Tier Mathematics and who are capable of working beyond the limits of the GCSE Mathematics specification.
  • It is designed to broaden the experience of students whose mathematical ability is above average and who:
    • will follow mathematical courses at AS/A Level;
    • will follow other courses at AS/A Level that require mathematics beyond GCSE Higher Tier; or would like to extend their knowledge of mathematics.
  • Further Mathematics can also help you progress to other studies that require mathematical knowledge and skills, for example higher level science, geography, technology or business.
  • The scheme of assessment comprises of two written papers, each of which lasts for two hours.

The grades available are A* - G.

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Paper 1:

Pure Mathematics

Pure Mathematics students investigate algebra, trigonometry, differentiation, integration, logarithms, matrices and vectors.

о   External examination set and marked by CCEA

о   50% of final mark

Paper 2:

Mechanics and Statistics

Mechanics and Statistics includes exploring kinematics, vectors, forces, Newton’s Laws of Motion, friction, moments, understanding and using statistical terminology, measures of central tendency and measures of dispersion, probability, and bivariate analysis.

о   External examination set and marked by CCEA

о   25% of marks relate to Mechanics and 25% to Statistics