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This specification aims to encourage students to:

·be enthusiastic about studying History;

·develop as effective learners with enquiring minds;

·develop the ability to ask relevant and significant questions about the past, to investigate issues critically and to make valid historical claims using a range of sources;

·develop an awareness of how the past has been represented, interpreted and given significance for different reasons and purposes; and

·develop the ability to effectively communicate historical knowledge and understanding in a range of ways, argue a case, make substantiated judgements and reach substantiated conclusions.

Examination Board

о   CCEA







There are two sections:

Section A - Life In Germany, 1933-45

The focus of this study is on the impact of the Nazi dictatorship on people’s lives in Germany.


Students answer five questions. The paper includes short response questions, structured questions and an essay question.

Section B - Changing Relations: Northern Ireland and its Neighbours, 1920-49


The focus of this study is on the changing relationships between the Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland and Great Britain following the partition of Ireland. Students examine the changing relationships against the backdrop of peace, war and neutrality. They also explore the significant impact of World War II on relations between Northern Ireland and its neighbours.


Students answer six questions. The paper includes short response question and an essay question.

о   External written exam

о   1 hour 45 minutes

о   60% of final mark


International Relations, 1945 -2003


The focus of this study is on the significant events and developments associated with the Cold War and the new ‘war on terror’. Students learn about how and why conflict occurred, attempts at resolving tension s and how international relations have been affected by the Cold War and the ‘war on terror’.


Students answer six questions. The paper includes source-based questions, a structured question and an essay question.



о   External written exam

о   1 hour 15 minutes

о   40% of final mark


Archaeologist, Archivist, Museum/ Art Gallery Conservator, Museum Curator/Keeper, Art Gallery Keeper, Researcher for TV/Film/Other Media, Art/Antiques Restorer, Costume Designer for TV/Film/Theatre, Set Designer for TV/Film/Theatre, Museum Attendant, Genealogist, Historical Writer/Editor, Journalist, Advocate, Barrister, Legal Executive, Solicitor, Make-up Artist, Tour Guide, Tourism Officer, Town Planner, Careers in Historic Buildings/Monuments, Antiques Dealer, Teacher, Professional Historian, Museum Education Officer, Actor, Careers in the Diplomatic Service


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