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Kilkeel High School, Knockchree Avenue, Kilkeel


Fieldwork is an integral part of Geography at Kilkeel High School. Students are given an opportunity to design and carry out practical activities at all levels.  Fieldwork exercises carried out are as follows:-

Year 8

Land Use Study – How does the land use change as you go away from the centre of Kilkeel?

Year 9      

Microclimate Study - Does Kilkeel High School make its own weather?

Environmental Appraisal – Does the quality of the environment vary around Kilkeel?

Year 10

Traffic Study - Does Kilkeel need a by-pass?

Year 11

Coastal Defences study - Newcastle

Year 12 

GCSE Unit 3 Fieldwork - Coastal Processes

Development Game - Trading Trainers


Murlough Bay – Study of dune vegetation