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Pupils' Work

Each year in October / November every pupil in Key Stage 3 takes part in our annual poetry competition, which is linked to the KHS anti-bullying week.

The two best poems from each class are put forward and judged by the English Department to find the winner of our Irvine Poetry Cup on Prize Day.

The winning poem of 2015  was by Harry Nicholson of Year 10.




It might be a kick

that hurts so deep,

that only shows in blackened wounds

that kill a person inside out.


It might be a name

that sinks so deep,

that never can find a way out

that kills a person inside out.


It might be an isolated space

that's darker than any other place,

that only has four walls, no doors

that kills a person inside out.


It might be a text

that cries out loud,

that comes from the army to attack

that kills a person inside out.





Winning poems from previous years:

Seven Deadly {Sins}

Red flame of passion;
Bittersweet, seductive blood;
Sweet, sensual {lust} …
Hatred and anger;
Destructive, {wrathful} fire
Burns orange with rage.
O! A {greed} for wealth,
Indulging your obsession,
Rich, compelling gold.
Overwhelming desire,
Such a cause for resentment
Green-eyed with {envy].
Light, {slothful}, fluffy
Feathers, lazily floating
On soft wind currents…
Purple-framed mirror,
Where she sees only herself.
What a {vain} beauty!
On a cosy seat,
A {gluttonous} old lady
Eating pink, iced cakes.





I thought you’d always be there

No matter what you’d say

But now wraiths emasculate

And emaciate the sea.


Feathers gather in my hands

Like cherry blossom dreams.

I want to read you like a book

And tear you at the seams.


Your skin is alabaster,

Your lips speak of sanguine floods.

But now my tears flow in crimson,

Weeping bitter blood.


Stars shine lifeless

Up above.

Necromantic testaments

To our failed and rotting love.


Daniel Smith ,Upper Sixth.