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Kilkeel High School, Knockchree Avenue, Kilkeel


U6 - at A2, we follow the CCEA syllabus ( )


Module A21 Poetry and Drama   2 hours

Each exam section is marked out of 50 and is worth 12 ½ % so this exam is 100 marks in total, 25 % of the overall A level.


SECTION A: POETRY 1300-1800   (12 ½ %)  


You study “The Pardoner’s Prologue and Tale” by Geoffrey Chaucer. Choice of 2 questions – CLOSED BOOK – an A4 page-long extract will be provided for each question.

The question will ask you to analyse how Chaucer uses poetic methods to communicate a theme.


AO1 – communicate effectively your knowledge and understanding of poetry.


AO2 – analyse his poetic methods such as form, structure, language and tone.


AO4 – context ( how the poetry was affected / shaped by the period in which it was written)


IMPORTANT - EQUAL MARKS for your analysis of the extract and your analysis of the REST of the poem.



Your chosen theme is DRAMA OF SOCIAL REALISM.


You study 2 plays: “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen (19th

                             “Look Back In Anger” by John Osborne (20th

There will be one statement (about both plays) and then one question ( NO CHOICE!) which asks you to compare and contrast the two plays. Closed book.


AO1- write, using appropriate literary terms, a well-structured argument showing knowledge and understanding of your two plays AND accurate SPG .


AO2 – analyse the playwrights’ dramatic methods such as characterisation, structure, language and staging.


AO3- construct an argument where you compare and contrast the 2 plays, informed by what the critics have said.


AO4 - contexts ( how the plays were affected / shaped by the period in which they were written)



Module A22 Theme-based prose     2 hours

Your chosen theme is WOMEN IN SOCIETY. You must answer on the SAME theme in both sections of this exam.

Each section is marked out of 50, and is worth 12 ½%, so this module is out of 100 marks and is worth 25% of the overall A level.


SECTION A: PROSE AFTER 1990 (12 ½ %)  

Theme-based study – WOMEN IN SOCIETY.

“The Illusionist” by Jennifer Johnston.

There will be one extract-based question (NO CHOICE!)which requires analysis and evaluation of methods. (close textual analysis of the novel)


AO1- communication (textual understanding/sound, well-supported argument/good SPG / literary terms/ a mature writing style)


AO2- how methods create meaning (writer’s craft: language/ tone/form/structure/narrative point of view/character interactions)



Theme-based study – WOMEN IN SOCIETY.


You study 2 novels: “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte (19th

                           “Wide Sargasso Sea” by Jean Rhys (20th

You must respond to one statement on the two novels ( on your theme ) and in your essay you must compare and contrast.


AO1- communication (textual knowledge and understanding / sound, well-supported argument / good SPG / literary terms / a mature writing style )


AO2- analyse methods and how they create meaning

( writer’s craft: language /tone/form/structure)


AO3-argument- sustain a comparison / contrast of both novels.


AO3 – respond to a stimulus statement which expresses a particular reading of the two novels.


AO4-contexts ( social/cultural/historical in which the novels

were written- you will look at the influences ON writers)