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Kilkeel High School, Knockchree Avenue, Kilkeel

Key Stage 5


At this level pupils concentrate on life beyond A level. This may be entry to the world of work or going on to further or higher education.


Further education.

Further education (often abbreviated "FE", called continuing education in U.S. English) is a term mainly used in connection with education in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. It is post-compulsoryeducation (in addition to that received at secondary school), that is distinct from the education offered inuniversities (higher education). It may be at any level above compulsory education, from basic training toHigher National Diploma or Foundation Degree.

A distinction is usually made between FE and higher education ("HE") which is education at a higher level than secondary school, usually provided in distinct institutions such as universities. FE in the United Kingdom therefore includes education for people over 16, usually excluding universities. It is primarily taught in FEcolleges, work-based learning, and adult and community learning institutions. This includes post-16 courses similar to those taught at schools and sub-degree courses similar to those taught at higher education (HE) colleges (which also teach degree-level courses) and at some universities.



Why choose higher education?

  • Many higher education courses offer a vocational programme that is directly related to particular work areas, such as accountancy, sports science and teaching.

  • A higher education qualification is essential for some careers like medicine, chartered engineering and architecture.

  • A degree or HND can improve your chances of getting a fulfilling job and your financial potential.

  • Universities and colleges bring together students from a variety of backgrounds. This interaction can strengthen your understanding of different cultures and beliefs.

  • Higher education develops important transferable skills, such as numeracy, communication and information technology, which can give you an edge in the fast-changing world of employment.

  • If the course includes seminars, you can use this time to challenge each others' views in a neutral and stimulating environment.

  • You may be at a stage in life when you can study a subject for the sake of personal satisfaction. Belfast Metropolitan College (FE) UK university application Irish university application